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Duluth East Clubs and Activities

Club Advisors

·Please note: the trophy cases in the Atrium are not for use for hanging posters, only during Red and Gray week and Homecoming is this allowed. The trophy cases were installed to show off our success as a school, please keep the clear! Also, please take down posters and flyers after your date of use!

  • Tickets sales for formal and semi-formal dances should use number tickets so cash can be reconciled at the end of each date sold.
  • All fundraisers, ticket sales, or charities involving money transactions: 1) Advisers should arrange for cash boxes with the school treasurer 2) adviser oversees the sale 3) Adviser counts the money with their individual club treasurer 4) the money is turned into the Activities Office.
  • Students should not be handling money with no oversight or system for reconciliation. 
  • The school treasurer should receive requests at least 2 days prior to the event via the club advisor. 
  • All Club activities must be supervised on and off campus

Duluth East Clubs and Activities


ABO Hounds

Advisor: Laura LaFontaine ext. 2334

Description: Group meets to support Memorial Blood Centers blood drives here at East. Practice/Meeting Times: Meetings will be a few weeks before each of the three blood drives. Eligibility Requirements: requirements: Students in grades 9-12 who meet the Duluth School District Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.


Amnesty International

Advisor: Richard Updegrove

Amnesty International works to promote and engage students in conversations about global human rights issues. The Amnesty chapter at Duluth East was founded in 2002 and has many notable activities over the years, including creating a policy approved by the school board prohibiting the district from utilizing sweat shop labor.



Advisor: Megan Mikulich

Advisor: John Bergum:

The Duluth East Anime Club is a group of students who share a love for Japanese anime and manga.  They divide their meetings between viewing anime and sharing manga (graphic novels).  they also share their own original manga artwork.  If you have an interest in anime or manga, check them out Tuesdays (2022), Thursday (2004) afterschool


Anishinaabe Club 

Advisor: Diana Anstett in 1020A, or at x4166

This club is open to everyone!  Come and learn about and participate in Ojibwe culture activities.  The Anishinaabe Club will be supporting and sponsoring community events related to Ojibwe culture.  This is a student lead group, so you will help decide what we do!  Some ideas: Snowshoe making, Snow Snakes, Sugarbush, Ricing.  Come have fun, and learn something new!  This club meets each Thursday during WIN, and on a regular basis with the sister clubs at ALC and Denfeld.



Advisor: Samantha Daly

Advisor: Kleinschmidt

Service and social organization that sponsors many events during the school year, including homecoming activities, intramurals, talent show and the sweetheart dance.   Applications are taken each spring and about 18 students are selected. Open to juniors and seniors only.


Bleacher Captains

Advisor: Shawn Roed,

Bleacher Captains help create new and positive traditions at games. Bleacher Captains attend East games and activities and work to promote positive sportsmanship. Bleacher captains will also focus on increasing game attendance, conduct half-time activities and promote school spirit with the ultimate goal of making East games more enjoyable for students. The Bleacher Captain team is selected through an application and interview process during May of each year. B/C’s will also get into activities for free and will receive Greyhound apparel and other game perks.


Birch Log Yearbook

Advisor:  Kirstin Peterson (218-336-8845 x2168)

The Birch Log staff is chosen each spring for the upcoming year. Students learn finance, layouts, marketing, photography and other skills while producing an award-winning yearbook for the student body.



Advisor: Kristin Warmanen

Group of students meeting to support one another, learn practical coping skills, educate and empower themselves, promote awareness, and eliminate stigma related to mental health issues. It's for students who struggle with mental health, students with friends or family members who struggle, and people who want to know more.


Builders Club

Advisor: Kevin Chederquist (

Group of students meeting to design, create and build furniture, crafts, musical instruments, sports equipment.  They will be using equipment in the Innovation Lab (3D printers and laser engravers) and Tech Production Lab (CNC routers, CNC turret lathe, shop equipment, welding, and CNC plasma).  Students must have passed safety tests on equipment and an orientation will be provided once per semester.  Group will meet once per week before school and the third Saturday morning.


Business Professionals of America - DECA

Advisor: Julie Zobel

An Association of Students taking the Business and Marketing classes at East. BPA/DECA participates in region, state and national competitions in business and marketing as well as community and school activities. Students apply classroom topics in a professional business setting. You must be enrolled in a Business or Marketing class to participate.



Advisor: (218-336-8845 x2142) East has a number of opportunities for students to serve the school in office areas and certain teaching stations. Cadets may earn ¼ credit per semester for their service.


Circle of Friends

Advisor: Cassie Letourneau  218-336-8845 x2357

Cassie Letourneau, Marie Kleinschmidt

The club will meets during WIN period on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  East Circle of Friends provides opportunity for partnerships and friendships between students with disabilities and students without disabilities.  We are striving to create a more inclusive school culture at East that promotes disability awareness, acceptance, and friendship.  Students participate in activities that promote collaboration, friendship, and cooperation between students.  Activities include art projects, games, cooking, sports, and community outings.


Clay Target League

Advisor: Kurt michalicek

The Minnesota State High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and the independent provider of shooting sports as an extra-curricular coed activity to high schools for students in grades six through twelve who have their Firearms Safety Certification. Trapshooting is one of the three major sports of competitive clay target shooting sports with a shotgun. The other primary shooting sports are skeet shooting and sporting clays.


Drama Club

Advisor: Peter Froehlingsdorf

Advisor: Greg Jones (218-336-8845 ext. 1220)

The Drama Club assists with the production of the fall, winter and spring plays. The members participate in all aspects of play production, including acting, set-building, and lighting.


Duluth Equestrian Club

Advisor/Coach: Michael Zeman  (218) 626-1744

The Equestrian Club will give students an opportunity to participate in a sport they love in a High School environment. The club will help students build positive character, raise self-confidence, and improve self-discipline while pursing excellence in school and at their riding facility. The club members will address the athletic skills needed in the areas of Western and English. The Equestrian Club is opened to all East and Denfeld students who want to advance their connection between themselves and their horse.


Executive Board

Advisor: Danielle.Westholm

Exec Board is Duluth East’s student government. We strive to promote a safe and welcoming environment here at East by organizing awareness campaigns, assemblies, service projects, spirit activities, and input from Student Forum. Exec is a yearlong zero hour class and an extracurricular commitment. All meetings and activities are student-run with the supervision of an adult advisor. Additionally, Exec fulfills and supports volunteering requests from the administration and other groups, organizes community service projects, intramurals, and continually seeks to improve school spirit.


FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students)

Advisor: Brenda L Florestano

FCA promotes healthy living, service and scholarship through a Christian perspective. All are welcome. Meets in Room 2059 from 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. on Tuesdays.


FCCLA-HERO Family Careers/Comm. Leaders of America/Home Econ. & Related Occupations:

Advisor: Shonda Peller 336-8830, 4023

Student leadership organization, nation-wide with competitions for Early Childhood, Culinary Arts, Fashion/Design, and more.  If interested in this organization, register for Early Childhood and Education Professions and earn college credit.  Active organization in community events, service learning, competitions state and national level.  membership fee applies and fundraising opportunities. 


Game Club

Advisor: Jackie Ring (218-336-8845 x 1155) 

This club is intended for everyone who enjoys playing indoor games to relax and have fun. There will be a variety of board games, card games, and everything in between.  Bring your favorite game to share!  Meets Mondays at 3:30 in room 2016.


Gender & Sexuality Alliance  (GSA)

Advisor: Jamie Savre

Advisor: Blake Peterson

GSA is a diverse and caring group of students who have the intelligence and self esteem to be who they really are in the face of reality within a high school building. Meetings are every week on Thursdays where various topics are covered that focus on issues from within the school, local community, state, and various federal hot topics. The groups focus on providing every person who walks in the door with the opportunity to tell a story share parts of our lives with each other in a safe, quiet and caring environment. If you feel harassed, bullied, pushed physically on a daily basis, and at the wall with your emotions, come to our group and be a member of something different from the norm, and find your true self in a safe environment. 


German Club

Advisor: Lynn Hinzmann 218-336-8845 ext 2159

An organization made up of students who are interested in learning more about the German language and culture! Activities center on German festivals and may include a Christmas market, Karneval, Fasching dance, communicating with German penpals, and partnering with the International club to welcome and include the foreign exchange students. Other activities might include bowling, skating, paintball etc, and practice speaking German in a setting outside of the classroom. Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month during WIN.


Green Club/Youth Energy Summit (YES)

Advisors: John Rudolph (218-336-8845 x4039)

Shawn Roed (218-336-8845 x2151)

As The Green Club, we aspire to impact our community, nation, and world, by educating, inspiring, and involving people. Our aim is to help people become more efficient and to help bring balance to their inner and outer environments in order to help them into a greener future. YES! empowers youth to partner with their community to create economic and environmental vitality through hands-on learning and team-based projects.


Greyhound Newspaper

Advisor: Stu Sorenson (218-336-8845 x2169)

The Greyhound is published by the journalism class, which is chosen each spring for the upcoming year. Students learn many aspects of journalism while producing an excellent newspaper provided free for the student body. Journalism is an English elective class for credit.


History Day Club


Students are invited to participate in National History Day The theme for 2016-2017 is "Taking A Stand In History" Students should know that they will need to pay the $15 to register for the regional competition. And an additional $15 if they qualify for state. There will be community experts available to help throughout the year. Ms. DeNio has been a great support and has worked with numerous students that have competed at the National level. 


HOSA Future Health Care Workers:

Advisor: Kimberly Olson  218.336.8845 ext 4036

HOSA is a 100% health care orientated organization that builds leadership and confidence to succeed in career goals. HOSA offers hands on application of professional and personal skills. Students compete in exciting health care competitions of their career choice and attend seminars to enhance  knowledge in health care fields. Competitions prepare students for the state and national leadership conference for lifelong learning. MRC increases community health and resilience by involving youth within the realm of public health and emergency preparedness. Visit for more information.


Hound  Pack

Advisor: Rebecca Moen (218-336-8845 x1972)

Advisor: Kristin Warmanen (218-336-8845 x2172)

Open to upperclassmen who want to mentor members of the Freshmen class. Leaders act as positive role models, motivators, student mentors and teachers helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during their high school transition. Also, host 9th grade intramurals.


International Student Club (ISC)

Advisor: Colleen Coffey-Schorr  x2158  

Student exchange club - to improve our worldview lens.

Meetings:  Thursday after school in room 3027


Key Club

Advisor Laura LaFontaine ext. 2334

Duluth East Key Club is a Kiwanis sponsored organization.  Our parent club is Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth.  Our goal is to provide our members with opportunities to build character and develop leadership by creating a better community through the act of service.  The club is open to all students!  All members should participate in a minimum of 30 hours at Key Club sponsored events throughout the school year to earn a varsity letter.  Key club is a great way to develop new relationships, have fun, while actively being of service to school and community. Key Club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30 in the Auditorium.


Knowledge Bowl

Advisor: Greg Jones (218-336-8845 ext. 1220) & Facebook

Bill Nygaard (218-336-8845 x2331)

Kirstin Peterson (218-336-8845

An academic team that competes in local and state meets


Math Team

Advisor: Rebecca Moen

Advisor: Christy Fisher

Description: Compete against other schools locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in solving challenging problems in mathematics. Math Team is an excellent opportunity to study mathematics topics that are not always encountered in the classroom and to build one’s skills in mathematics and in general problem-solving.


National Honor Society (NHS)

Advisor: William Garnett (218-336-8845 x123)

The National Honor Society NHS) is an organization that provides service to the school and community.  They provide tutoring services to students who need extra help.  To qualify for NHS you need to be a senior with a cumulative gpa of 3.8 or above and have completed 2 or more honors classes (these include AP and CITS).


Open Mind

Advisor:  Julie Zobel (218-336-8845 X 2173)

A creative compilation of student work including poetry, prose, art, and photography.  Students can participate by submitting works for publication and/or reviewing submissions and helping to create Open Mind issues. Meeting times vary. Meet Wednesday’s – Zero hour in Room 2051


Robotics Team

Coach: Tim Velner (218-590-0014)

Duluth East Robotics is part of FIRST robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and the MSHSL. This is a program where science and sports meet. Every year we are given a new task or game to play.  All teams have 6 weeks to build a robot to compete in the game. Our robot is our athlete but our students are the minds and bodies behind the robot.


Rowing Club

Advisor: Bonnie Fuller Kask (218-336-8845)

Rowing is a great sport for building strength and conditioning.  Join the Duluth Rowing Club on Park Point.  Learn the basics, compete, and have fun! Beginners and experts both welcome.


School Garden Group:

Advisor: TBA

EHS Garden Committee is for students and staff interested in planning and implementing a school food garden on the East campus. The mission of the East High School garden is to empower students to be self-reliant, think critically, and establish healthy eating habits through hands-on learning in order to enrich our school and community". All students and staff are welcome to join.


Scott Anderson Leadership Forum (SALF)

Advisor:  Bill Zwak (218) 336-8845 x2182)

Leadership Organization for grades 10-12 designed to involve students in improving student and community life.  Students aid other student organizations with special projects, work to create a positive East environment and reach out to local community groups to provide support through volunteerism.


Social Justice Club

Advisor: Cal Harris Room 3038  Ext.2190

Advisor: Nate Smith Room 3038  Ext.2190

Club for promoting social justice through community involvement, volunteer opportunities, peer and group conversations, fund-raising and celebration of diversity. ​All students are encourage to join.​

Students can expect personal growth in leadership development and understanding of social justice and activism.


Student Forum

Advisor: Danielle.Westholm

An organization representing all grade levels of the student body of East High School. Forum allows students to present and discuss their ideas and concerns. Students are selected though an application process and meet once per grade period with Executive Board members and participate in school and community projects.



Advisor: Greg Jones (218-336-8845 ext. 1220) & Facebook

Speech Team is for drama stars, poets, politicians, history buffs, humorist performers and anyone who wants to be a part of a team that learns what it means to be a confident speaker. Speech is a MSHSL team that competes on Saturdays starting in January. No try-outs or cuts, if you want to be on the team there is a spot for you!


Super Smash Club

Advisor: LaDonna Bergum (218-336-8845 x 2157)

The Super Smash club is a group of video minded people who love to get together, play video games, and laugh a lot.  Meet weekly on Tuesday’s from 3:30-4:30 in room #220.  So if you like to play videogames, enjoy the camaraderie of other video lovers, this is the place for you!  Meets Wednesdays at 3:30 #220


Students for the Future

Advisor: Catherine A. Nachbar (218-336-8845 x316)

Advisor: Cruz Mendoza (218-336-8845 x220)

Student group that promotes district wide events to create a sense of community.  Create a connection with students/teachers/administrators/policy makers about decisions being made that will impact future students.

Upward Bound Math Science

Interested in going to college? Want to explore your career interests? Tour colleges? And make a LOT of new friends? Check out UBMS at

The College of St. Scholastica!

Advisors Name and Contact Information:

UBMS Advisor at Duluth East Lisa LaCore (218) 723-6675

When does it run? Starts in 9th or 10th grade and continues until graduation.

Where does it meet and when would I have to be there?

The Duluth East Advisor will meet with you on Tuesdays during WIN. There is one Saturday Session every month during the school year. And there is a six week summer program at The College of St. Scholastica, where students take classes, live in the dorms, and navigate a college-like schedule. They can earn one elective credit on their East transcript each summer they attend.

Who can participate?

UBMS recruits 9th and 10th graders in the fall. Students must be first in their family to attend a four year college and/or come from a low income family.

How do I sign up?

Fill out an application in the fall (due Oct. 13th)

What else should I know?

This program is totally free! Here are a few things that are included:

  • lodging and all meals at CSS. (summer only).

  • Team Leaders (college students) live with you in the dorms (summer only).

  • Interaction with professional scientists and mathematicians.

  • Field trips to local and regional science facilities.

  • Sports and recreation activities.

  • A week-long science immersion trip (summer only).

  • Cultural field trips.

Youth in Government

Advisor: Drew Jensen

Contact: Megan Mikulich

Is a must for politicians, history buffs, leaders, lawyers and anyone interested in politics or debate. Youth in Government offers two programs both in the cities, Model Assembly in the Minnesota Capitol (four days in January) and Model United Nations (Three days in March). If you have ever wanted to be a legislature, a judge, a lawyer, an ambassador or just want to debate then YIG is perfect for you!


Visual/Media Arts Club

Advisor Susan Ranfranz ext. 2688

Join us in making ART more visible at Duluth East High School. We will have a wide variety of projects, collaborative and individual. Help design t-shirts, murals, posters. Meet guest speakers, plan field trips and an "Evening ofThe Fine Arts" and other art exhibits. Art contests and awards, bi-monthly featured art or artists on the morning announcements. Figure out ways to get ART into assemblies. You can come and just 'work on your art'. There will be an opportunity for those interested in animation, claymation, and video making, to explore some of these technologies.

Come check it out Thursdays after school until 5.




How to start a new club:

1)    Stop in the Activities Department to receive permission to start a club

2)    Find a faculty advisors (unless the club/activity has gone through the independent provider agreement process – application is on the East Activities web site)

3)    Set up a meeting with the Faculty Advisor and the Activities Director

4)    Set up meeting dates and spaces via a building permit that can be found outside the Activities Office

5)    All events/meetings/etc must have the staff advisor present to supervise during the activity.

6)    Outside Groups must have an independent provider agreement in place to be listed as an East “Club”





Shawn Roed

Activities Director, Duluth East High School

301 North 40th Ave East

Duluth, MN 55804

Phone 218-336-8845 x2151

Fax 218-336-8856

Home of the Greyhounds


Shawn Roed 

Activities Director, Duluth East High School
301 North 40th Ave East
Duluth, MN 55804
Phone 218-336-8845 x2151
Fax 218-336-8856