Dear Area Business Owner:

We have just begun another exciting year in the athletic/activities programs at Duluth East High School. Our Activities programs had a very successful year with outstanding efforts in speech, drama, and music programs. And many athletic programs had outstanding success.

The Sponsorship Opportunities link details the different options available to local businesses who wish to partner with our athletics/activities programs. We have several opportunities for you to choose from - see EHS Sponsorship Program 2016-2017 (below)

Please check out the information on our sponsorship program and the opportunities that are included. We also are open to customized sponsorships, in game events, coupon giveaways, halftime sponsors, event tableling, etc....

As you are considering advertising to support the students at Duluth East High School, ask the question: Where do profits go? With our program, 100% of the profits go to East High School to support the students involved in activities and athletics.

We thank you in advance for your support.

email: shawn.roed@isd709.org for more info on sponsorship opportunities

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